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  1. Great tool for industrial design., thanks for the tip
  2. You can use the Fit Walls to objects command in the AEC menu. and specify the layer of the objects you want to flush the walls.
  3. The plugins work with macOS and Windows, that's what their site says...
  4. Interesting plugin for baseboards and moldings
  5. The door you're using is a custom symbol or is a Vectorworks default plugin door?
  6. One workaround for this problem is to use a 2d polygon with a hatch masking the wall in the viewport, that way you can control better the brick hatch
  7. De associative dimensions work well but you have to be careful with the geometry so the snaps work as intended.
  8. I just put this question in the Wish List forum, go there and vote for it
  9. It would be great if the Elevation Benchmark tool were linked to the layer heights or Stories so you don't have to set them up manually in the sections/elevations viewports, most of the BIM applications already have these feature.
  10. Vectorworks has a Elevation Benchmark in the Dims/Notes toolbar and the tool has several ways to set the heights in sections and elevations.
  11. The best way is to create another wall with one component just for the overhang because you cannot extend a component horizontally.
  12. I agree totally, even lost some of the functions of the old stair like the ability to add and remove flights
  13. Please, Vectorworks, how this option is still missing, when you use the Exterior Wall detail option in the windows It just works in Top/Plan view But when you switch to Perspective we have this, why?
  14. Hi I have an old machine with VectorWorks2008 on it, maybe I can translate the files
  15. This is the best method to use when working with contour lines...