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Seating Count worksheet

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Hello All,


Whenever I create seating sections there is no longer a seating count worksheet created. I can manually run a report, but it isn't formatted and doesn't include seating totals.


Any ideas? I have searched all over the forum and cant find anything.




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What version are you using?  I just tried it in a new file in 2017 and it creates the worksheet called Seating Count.


The first seating area causes the schedule to be created, and subsequent areas are added to the database.


Does your RB show a worksheet called Seating Count?


If you create a seating area in a blank document does it work?

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I am in 2017, on a Mac. In previous years it acts as you said, but since I have updated to 2017 it no longer seems to create the worksheet at all.

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My guess is that you already have that worksheet in your document.  You only get the worksheet window the first time you create a seating layout for that file.  After which any additional or replacement seating layout will not create a new worksheet - but just add the data to the previously generated worksheet.  It does this in the background and it will appear nothing has happened.


Check your resources for a Seating Count worksheet.  My guess is that it is there.

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Hey guys, i hope this isnt so old as to be dead. I have updated to 2018 and still have the problem. No its not there, i have dug and dug, no worksheet. Is there a way to force it to generate?

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You might try creating a class or symbol called Seating Count.  If it complains, you probably have a worksheet called Seating Count hidden somewhere.


But you could always do it the old fashioned way.


If you're in the Spotlight workspace:  Spotlight > Reports > Create Report 


Make the dialog box look like this:








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