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Hello VW Support,


I send this as a Tech Support Request separately and use this Thread as a Container for Resources

and detailed description.

I attached :

+ VW File with Export Geometry and DWG Re-Import

+ both DWG 3D Export Files (ACIS Solids vs Meshes)

+ some Illustrations.


My Problems with DWG Exchange are :



1. DWG Mesh Export :

For certain Geometry Types I get loose non welded 3D Polygons instead of true Meshes :

(Everything from except VW original Mesh Geometry)


- Extrudes combined to Add Solid

- Extrudes combined to Add Solid converted to Generic Solid

- Extrudes

- Extrudes converted to Generic Solids







2. DWG Mesh Export :

Extrudes have flipped Top Face Orientation.

Opposed to all other Faces










3. DWG Mesh Export :

All Face Normals are generally flipped to the wrong side.







4. DWG Mesh Export :

I have unneeded and unwanted Triangulation of all Quad Faces.








5. DWG ACIS Solids Export :

In any other App beside VW, when I import a VW DWG ACIS Export, I get an unwanted Tessellation of Faces.
(Modo DWG Import Plugin or BriscCAD which speaks native DWG)

All Edges get somehow divided by 5 new Vertices.








6. DWG Solids Import :

I get no Solids into VW from my clients DWG Exports from Revit.

Just Meshes only, with slight inaccuracies.

While in Modo or BricscCAD Solids are coming in fine.

(An IFC Import of the same Project brings Solids into VW)


Unfortunately I have no demo File for Revit Exports (NDA)




Thanks in advance,










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One other thing I forgot,



in both export cases I lost my Class Fill Colors.

(I had set Export Settings to "True Colors")

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