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Object layer drop-down menu out of screen


The pictures show the problem I'm having on my projects where I have alot of layers. On my usual "palette"-monitor, the horizontal monitor, I can't see the bottom layers, and not even the button to move down the list. When using the keyboard to move down the list I don't get a indication what layer is currently being highlighted. When I move the palette over to my vertical monitor I can see the whole list and the button. When I then move the palette down such that the bottom of the palette is out of the screen I get the drop-down menu lifted such that I can see all the layers.


Is there a way to keep using my horizontal monitor for this palette or do I have to move it to my vertical monitor?


First world problem, I know... 

Dropdown horizontal monitor.png

Dropdown vertical monitor 2.png

Dropdown vertical monitor.png

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I have the same problem on my laptop at home. I connect it to a monitor and make it the main screen, then I put the palettes on to my laptop monitor, now my secondary screen. The dropdown menu don't work properly on my laptop screen, but works perfectly on my main screen giving me the down arrow so that I can move down the list.

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Something I would try on MacOS is change the display resolution. This can "unstick" a window or palette. Then, if needed, change it back to original. Not sure if Windows handles things same way.



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