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Table Showcase

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After a bit of work (and thinking) this is the usable version of the table showcase.

The only “problem” comes from the textures. Sometime when you change one, the others are changing too. VW bug ?

The names in the OIP are in French, easy to change.

Last I don’t know how to manage to have the textures in the right folder of the OIP


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  • Marionette Maven

I haven't yet looked at your file, but I can answer why the textures are changing.


Basically, when you choose a texture that is not in your file using the Marionette Texture nodes, the texture is imported to the file and effectively changes the indexing of the textures in the list. Because of this, if you are using the Get Texture node in more than one location, each of those lists is getting updated as well, which then will reference the incorrect texture index throughout your nodes.


The way Textures are listed in the popup is that textures that exist in the document are at the top, whereas textures you have not imported are lower in the list. So if you import a new texture, all of the textures alphabetically below it in the imported textures will be shifted, which is what causes some of your textures to change while others stay the same. The list is not smart enough to keep your selection by name, I think it only stores the indexed location. Maybe there is a better way to do this, but at this point in time, I am not sure.

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