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Change the classes of components of imported dwg symbols at one time.

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Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to change the classes of the components that make up a symbol all at one time in multiple symbols? Not just editing the symbol and changing the class one at a time. I ask this because when I import some .dwg files the walls, doors, windows, etc.. import as symbols and often they have multiple lines and polygons. I can use the custom selection tool or just select all symbols and change the overall symbols classes to "0" or "none" but the components of the symbol still retain there original class say "New_A-STRS_Pen_No__2." I would like to have everything as a single class so I may then import into a working template and not have 500+ new classes added to the file. Is this possible and I'm just missing the correct approach using the Modification tool?

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You can delete a class.

If it is still in use VW will ask if you want to delete these elements too or move them to another class.

Looks like it works also when deleting more than one class at one time.


I think this way will be ok for your DWG imports and Symbols,

but I think there is a certain risk to delete classes that are used by Plugin Objects like Windows, Doors, ...



If it is just about having the DWG Geometry and no need to edit that,

it is better to import the DWG in a separate file and "reference" that file as a Viewport.

This way you won't be bothered by foreign class standards.

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I thought about deleting the classes but you still can't scroll and chose all at one time if they have any sub-classes. At the moment this might work the best. I don't need to worry about Plugin Objects on the dwg import. I thought about "referencing" the file but it is shared and updating by different parties through out the process, and most haven't used "referencing" in there workflow. The dwg import layer  is generally off and used only as a reference to the information on how the .vwx model was created from.     


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I don't get what you mean by sub-classes ?

Do you mean their tree like order by "hierarchical display" ?

Deactivate it temporarily (I never use it) and you can select more than one class by SHIFT/CMD.

I tried to delete 2 classes at one time and I got the same "replace with class" dialog as i was used.


As for DWG imports I usually choose to add a prefix to its ACAD Layer import to VW Classes,

like "DWG_" in front of Layer name. This way they will get sorted by name in a single row so I can

select all at once by using SHIFT key.


I am not familiar with project sharing so I don't know how to organize Referencing and such for

that purpose.

I usually import my DWGs into a separate VW File and I reference that VW File into my VW Project File,

not the DWG itself. If I get an updated DWG, I reimport the DWG in that special file and delete the older

geometry. This way I can do some checks like position, global Class visibility editing and such.

The project file will recognize that the Reference File is out of date.

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You should always import into a 'shuttle file' - so you can reclass before bringing into your current document.

You can also put a prefix onto all the imported classes to seperate them from your classes.  It is an option in the import dialog.

Lastly, there is a great plugin called SmartPaste.  When you paste from one document to another - Smart Paste will ask you how you want to handle class merges.  Really great for keeping the document clean. 

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