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Dale Whitfield


I am having an issue orbiting around models in 3D view. When I orbit around the models in narrow perspective the models disappear as the camera rotates. When I orbit in orthogonal mode, various geometry obscures itself and stretches over the screen whilst bits of the model also disappear.

 This issue also extends to my viewports as some of them wont render the models depending on the elevation angle. However when I go into the viewport the models do appear until I begin rotating.

The file has 2 other files referenced into it. However all of the drawings are centred on the origin, which are close to the 0,0 axes. 

Any ideas?






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The different settings have no effect. Still the same result. Unusually, the issue is only occurring with the model in the file which is not referenced. When I turn off the layers which the non-ref model is on, the file works fine. When I turn off the referenced layers and turn on the model in the file this issue occurs. 


However, the issue began when I was moving the origin to the centre of the drawing on all the files (ref & non ref).  

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