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  1. Hi, I have been trying to work my building model to a stage where basic construction sections can be taken directly from the model itself. So far I have created slabs and given each component of the slab a level within the storey. I have then assigned the components within the wall to end at those story levels (the core/structure of the wall goes to the slab, and the insulation/plasterboard ends at the finished floor level). The result are in the screen shot attached. The main issue is that you can't see the fill of the wall past the point of the finished floor. You can only see the construction lines. So far I have put this down to the stacking of the slab and wall layers. This is of course not ideal as graphically it is incorrect. I am aware you can over-ride layer stacking within the layer settings of a viewport, however this doesn't seem to be an option for a section viewport. I am having a similar issue with sending the slab to the core of the external wall, you can't see the slabs component fill as its on a different layer to the walls which are on-top. I feel I'm close to getting an actually section from the model fit for 1:50 purposes, however VW does not make it easy. Wouldn't it be great if component join tool worked in 'section in place', then instead of modelling the sitting point of every wall you could just do it for the specific section. Is anyone else having issues with this? Any suggestions for a decent workflow for solving this. Thanks.
  2. The different settings have no effect. Still the same result. Unusually, the issue is only occurring with the model in the file which is not referenced. When I turn off the layers which the non-ref model is on, the file works fine. When I turn off the referenced layers and turn on the model in the file this issue occurs. However, the issue began when I was moving the origin to the centre of the drawing on all the files (ref & non ref).
  3. I am having an issue orbiting around models in 3D view. When I orbit around the models in narrow perspective the models disappear as the camera rotates. When I orbit in orthogonal mode, various geometry obscures itself and stretches over the screen whilst bits of the model also disappear. This issue also extends to my viewports as some of them wont render the models depending on the elevation angle. However when I go into the viewport the models do appear until I begin rotating. The file has 2 other files referenced into it. However all of the drawings are centred on the origin, which are close to the 0,0 axes. Any ideas?
  4. When referencing a file into another, windows and roof planes become obscured. The model is fine in its own file, functioning as it should. The model is set on its origin, and so is the file I'm attempting to reference it into. There is also no unwanted drawing bits floating in space. When the model is referenced into another document, the windows & doors disappear on all the floors above the ground (set at a datum height of 0), however Vectorworks states that the windows/doors are cut into the walls. They are also visible in wireframe however they are slightly grey in comparison with the windows/doors on the ground floor.I only seem to have this issue when I reference a model into a georeferenced file, and the glitches of missing windows/doors and roof planes only seems to be above the ground floor. The floors are on different layers and the windows are on different classes to the walls. The top two images are of the issue. The bottom image is what the model should look like.
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