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the frog

spheres and cylinders mesures

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I tried to work with subdivision and encountered a “problem”.

When you start with a cube 10cm x10cm you get a cube 10cm x10cm. If you try a sphere 10cm Ø you get 9,58 cm Ø.

Because you have no measure in the subdivision mode, until you try to match your object in you plan, no way to know.

Then when the complex object is finished it is too late. It is the same with round objects (ex: cylinder).

Is there a reason I don’t understand?

A little help would be great.

Best for the new year

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Yea this is weird as you can see in the attached, each was created with a 1000mm size and the end result..... Only then cube came out the size required, may need some adjustment in the program???


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Weird but usable once you know. The best way I found, is to limit the subdivion object with extruded rectangles. When you move the face it sticks to the extrude rectangle. This way it is easy to get the distances you want and then to modify. The other "news" is that it is easier to start with a square to draw a circle than to use the sphera (less points to start with).


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I don't find the way the tool defines size very useful for creating real world objects. It should give you an option to define the size of the primitive and calculate the cage on its own. The cylinder is another anomaly as its not truly a cylinder. In plan its not actually circular. I found creating an extruded octagon and converting it provided much better results.







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