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Viewport scaling issues on sheet layer

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I have mostly completed a model of a house and am starting to create viewports and sheet layers so I can plan out some fine details using pencil and paper. However I am running into some issues. I created a viewport to show the entire house using a custom view in 3D, which is fine, but when I look at the associated sheet layer, the model shows up very small in the upper right corner, with the drawing number and scale annotation in the lower left. I can increase the scale to increase the model size, but that makes the viewport border much bigger than the page boundary assigned to the sheet layer. When I try and edit the viewport camera, it shows me the same custom view as when I created the viewport.


For reference, all my design layers are 1:1 scale and I am attempting to use 1/2" : 1' scale for the viewport.


Unfortunately, i cannot upload the vwx file as it is ~90MB. If it is needed to help resolve this issue, I can host it somewhere.


Thanks in advance.

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As a note, I created a second sheet layer and viewport of one floor in 2D/plan and the view filled the viewport and the resulting scale makes much more sense. i cannot figure out why the 3D viewport scale is so off.

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Hi, I would normally set my design layer scale to the output on the Sheet layer that I am after. You can change the scale of the viewport by selectiong the viewport and in the Object Info Palette  you can see scale under Data Visualization. Adjust this as it sets the scale of the viewport.



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Is your 3d View a perspective?

You may need to edit the Viewport Annotation to move the Drawing Label into place.

You can also edit the Viewport Crop (or if there isn't one already draw a 2d shape to define one)

Right Click on the Viewport to discover the relevant Contextual Menu items.

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I figured it out. Somehow the perspective drop down was set to custom perspective vs normal which is what I normally use.


Thanks for all the help.

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