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Annotations Gray Display Settings

Tom Klaber


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I like that one - but it does not affect the Annotations view.  


For some reason the gray out effect for editing does - but there is no way to turn off other objects (nor have I ever wanted one) in for annotations.  Sometimes, though - I do want to gray out the VW to annotate - and other times I want the full display.   Nit-picky I know.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It does for me here, however there IS an existing bug where depending on how complex the objects are in the container you're editing the setting doesnt behave properly. In a very simple test file here I am able to toggle it during editing and the other objects vanish/appear. I'll bump that one as well just in case.

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Yes it does work in that it hides other objects outside the VP.

What I am talking about is the graying of the VP itself.  When the gray settings are on - when you jump into the VP - the VP itself grays out - which sometimes is helpful.  If that setting is turned off - then when you jump into the VP - the VP display remains as set in the OIP.  

What I need is faster control over this "In Annotations" view setting.  Again - deep cut - nitty gritty.


Its a pretty specific use case.  So it should not be high on anybody's list. It happens that I am doing a document review - comparing two plans - and calling out all the differences and issues.  I am using Keynotes - and probably would like to do this on design layer - except we are working with a twisting tower, and our standard display is in rotated plan - making the callout tool almost impossible to work with... So - I am doing the overlay in the VP - and discovered the need to not have it gray itself out. 




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