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Attaching Objects to a Renderworks Camera using Marionette

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I'm trying to attach a rectangle object to a renderworks camera,. The ultimate goal of which is when moving around the design layer inside the camera view, the object always stays oriented to the camera the same way...


Does anyone have any tips on what "input" node for the camera i could use to start this? 

There isn't a "camera" node, so does this require a custom node? 


Schematically, this seems quite simple. 

Input node "camera" - Get Location Node

Rectangle Node- Set Location based off of the "get" data from the camera..


At its simplest I'm really just trying to create a coincident constraint between these two objects... Unfortunately, constraints don't work on cameras in 3D view...


Any help or ideas is appreciated. 






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I think you will find that this isn't as easy as you're hoping.

A camera object is considered a plug-in object, and currently I'm not aware of any exposed functions to create one.


I tried using a camera as Control Geometry, but it appears that you can't activate it if you do that.


For now, I hate to say that I can't see a solution to this, but I'll keep it in mind and report back if I find any promising leads.

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Hi Ben,


I don't think this will actually answer your question, but it may help you figure out a work around for your problem. Attached is a simple network that allows you to change the record data of a camera. Hope this helps!



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Why not create an image prop, this will (if set up correctly ) always orientate to the user.HTH

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You can insert a PIO with "Marionette Default Library" -> "BIM" -> "Symbols" -> "Create Custom Object / Path" . And then change values like declared by sarah. Maybe some PIOs need further objects like path etc. 

If you create a Camera Object it can look strange because with the tool you draw a line, which defines some values. You can set this values with Set Record Field Node. 


Do it as follows:

Draw a Camera with the tool ... create a Worksheet and play with the values and look, how to name the field names. The attached example is the same as from sarah, with additionally the "Create Custom Object" Node. The Camera looks strange, because the line length will be 0. Use Field name 'LineLength' to set the Line Length.




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