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Cloud Publish

Kevin McAllister


Could we please have some improvements to how Cloud Publish is integrated?


First, terminology - The name Cloud Publish implies that the heavy lifting will be offloaded to the cloud servers. Cloud Publish is different from "Publish to the Cloud" but right now their interfaces are mixed together. If you choose Cloud Publish and then choose "Local Storage" the rendering actually happen on your machine not in the Cloud. This option shouldn't be in Cloud Publish, it should be moved to the regular Publish dialog.


Second, accessing it. The Cloud Publish dialog is currently a re-use of the Publish dialog. It should be much simpler -

  1. Choose your source - VW Cloud Services Folder or Dropbox
  2. Choose your file
  3. Choose your set to publish
  4. Choose the destination to publish to

Keep the building of sets in the Publish dialog itself. There seem to be undesirable limitations when you try building a set from the Cloud Publish dialog anyway - fixed aspect ratio, only one page size etc.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your feedback! I have added this to our list of improvement to consider in the future. Vectorworks 2019 has some UI improvements to the Publish dialog, so hopefully they will help address your concerns to some extent. 


Best regards,

Iskra Nikolova

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