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Record - Spreadsheet Linking

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Hi all,


I can't find a proper subforum for my question, so I'm posting it here.


As seen in the screenshot I'm doing the following:

- Marionette Object will change its size and look according to user input via OIP (see 9 objects on shape pane)

    - The objects are "Rack Panel" used for 19" Rack assembly and have two parameters: "Rack Unit Height" (integer 1-4) & "Panel Type" (blank, vented, etc.)

- The parameters are written into a database ("RackPanelRecord" (see exported .txt bottom right)


However, when trying to generate a spreadsheet for that data, my approach doesn't seem to work (see bottom left).

As seen on the drawing, there's three different versions of Panels with 1RU: "Blank", "Security" and "Vented"

Instead of giving me three individual lines for each version, the spreadsheet will just "sum up" all 1 RU Panels and show "---" for the type field.


What am I doing wrong?


P.S.: I hope someone can make sense of what I wrote :)


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It looks like you have "Type" summarized.

If this is indeed the case, what you want to do is select row 2 by clicking on the gray 2 on the left (which will highlight the entire database row), and then you'll likely see a little box with 'sum' at the top of column 'C'. If you click and drag that out of the column, you should see all of the fields rather than a summary.

I'm attaching an image in hopes that it helps.




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Hi Marissa,


thanks a lot, that cleared it up.

By using the 'sum' on both columns, I got exactly what I wanted - Counting all Panel objects that are the same.


I've been trying to find some tutorials on worksheet scripting for a while now but didn't find anything useful.

Any hints for places to start?

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Didn't see Alan's comment before - That should get me started then. Thanks!

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Hi, those are all about Marionette but if you are just after Normal Vectorworks spreadsheets if you search "vectorworks spreadsheet tutorials" and choose videos you will get enough to keep you amused. Sorry if I got you off on the wrong track.
Regards Alan

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On 9/13/2016 at 2:34 PM, Alan Woodwell said:

Hi, Attached are a few networks that involve linking to spreadsheets by Marissa that may assist.


WorksheetHelp_Post223365_MFarrell (2).vwx



Alan, I'm interested in linking record formats with marionette objects. The purpose is to import a spreadsheet that will create all the objects contained in it.

The files attached to this post seem relevant but for some reason they are not available. Do you think you can post them again?





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Will do but have a look at the shared resources as I have reposted at end of the post

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