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X and Y Coordinates

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@michaelk Apologies if I'm bringing back an old thread.  But I was just wonder how to do the same as well.  I tried following your steps but I am not following the parts following the worksheet creation.


Would you have a moment to explain that in further detail?

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Sure.  I'm trying to find the example I posted.  @JimW, any chance of firing up the Way Back Machine to get the original attachment?


Are you working with lighting instruments or with another kind of symbol or parametric object?

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This is how I do it.  If was something I did all the time I'd write a script for it.


Or - to be honest - I'd do it this way for a while and then I'd write a script for it while procrastinating on something else.  In any case, the script would do exactly the same thing.  Read a value from the position of the symbol and write that value to a record field which could be displayed in the label and in a worksheet.  This method just uses a worksheet to read and write (copy/paste).


I'll attach a file and a video showing how the worksheets work.  There's a weird trick when copying and pasting the values.

Motor Example.vwx

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@michaelk Very informative.  I appreciate you taking the time.  I will watch this over and over.




1. The 3D symbol that represents the hoist...it looks oddly similar to the one used in the Chain Hoist Tool, is this something you scripted or is it built into Vectorworks


2. I seem to be having a fair amount of trouble creating worksheets to work as yours works.  What's the correct method in doing so?


Thank you much.

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I stole the VW 3D symbol and then added a fillet to it and stretched it to make it look like the motors I typically bang my head on.


Are you having trouble creating databases (x.xx rows), getting the database to return the data you expect, …?


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precisely.  every time i attempt to create a worksheet all i get is pretty much a spreadsheet and I have no clues how to bind cells to functions and what not.

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