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Is there? There should be:

a way to control the size of node objects. I like to take my wrapper into the drawing so the resulting objects are seen in plan view. However a node at 1/4"=1' scale is almost invisible, never mind 1/8"

Nodes don't scale as objects nor do they have scale features like symbols.

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Why not convert your wrappers to an object and if it is associated to an object you will see it easily. If it does not associate with an object just include a circle in your network and have all your inputs show up in the OIP.

If you convert this back to a wrapper and run it you will get the result as of you converted to an object.

So maybe try this and go one step further and convert your wrapper to an object.


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Thanks for the thought Alan.

My first thought was to make it an object. Unfortunately there were some obstacles I couldn't get around.

1. "Linear Array" node did not act the same way. At least I think that was why things went strange.

2. I couldn't set all the SoftGoods features via the OIP. SG objects are extremely complex PIOs. It seems simply setting a record value is not enough. The foremost is the overall length, it was "greyed out" and rejected all changes.

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Ok, this is for your traveler_with _Stacking_v1??

I see it creates error if trying to convert to Object Node.

Will look at it to see if I can figure it out.

I did notice first up that a few items show as not indivisibly by zero which are causing problems.

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