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Referencering from Revit (MECH)

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We've been collaborating through IFC-exchanging to a MECH-3rd-part. But we've encountered an increasing problem with our model, due to the size of their model.

Our original solution where we've imported their IFC, to an external wxv file and referenced onto our Project file (we're using Project sharing) leaves our working files at min 1.2gb, when using the pref. "Save referenced cache to disk". By now we've removed the pref. but this leaves a long waiting time when opening the file in the morning and the model seems a bit slower then it should.

They are using Revit, and we're using a fully updated VW 16, sp 2.

Is there a solution for this? Help!

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Hi Jonathon,

If you do not saved the cache of the referenced file, it will always ask to update the reference each time you open the file, which, if the referenced files are large, will make the opening time of the file very long.

Regarding the IFC, I am trying to remember, is there an option to simplify geometry on importing of the file? I have found the same. Importing IFC geometry creates huge file sizes. Maybe try this Vectorworks help link.


Does anyone have any tips on how to keep imported IFC geometry to a minimum size?

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Thanks Diamond - We've already tried sorting in the IFC file - But it seems the geometry from Revit is causing the problem.. Would be great if a tool / tips like that exist?

We have tried the Optimizer, it has no effect when importing to VW, the vwx still ends up being heavy..

All help is very appreciated!!

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