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Marionette House

Mark Mullany

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Just getting started with this Marionette - no previous programming experience at all. I've been figuring it out from the stuff others have done on this forum.

Just to see if I could I've started little house based on a polyline. Would love to hear peoples thoughts or comments on setting up the scripting for this.

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First Questions to the forum -

1. Is it possible to make a network that for instance If I input a value of 3 would then let me create 3 new layers with names from a preset list? And something similar for a number of windows in a wall. Cant quite find a node for it.

2. Cant seem to get wall joins to work at all - does it need to know its vector? That would make it a little difficult to change the starting geometry.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The string nodes are where you input the different layer names you want to use. If you look at the OIP for the Layer List wrapper, you can see where to change the layer names. The series node creates a list of numbers based on the number of layer names you input. If you want 4 layer names, the series node will create a list of the first 4 index numbers that will call the first for layer names from your list: 0,1,2,3.

If you wanted to pull specific names instead, you would skip the series node and just input the index numbers you wanted to call.

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