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Sam Cam


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Hello again,

I'm also having a very irritating issue, I have a simple 3D extrusion which is my LED Video Wall, this object is in its own class (Video) and its own layer (Video Wall) however turning on/off visibility of another specific class (Floor Lights) also makes this class and object within invisible.

Annoying as I would like to create some viewports with the Video Wall without the Floor Lights class enabled but can't manage it at the moment!

Any help or ideas are much appreciated.

Regards, Sam.

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Hello Sam;

It sounds like you're experiencing an example of Sub-Class Frustration. If you open your Organization Screen [Command-Shift-O on a mac] and click on the Classes tab, you'll see the complete listing of classes in your drawing. It sounds like your Video class is a sub-class of Floor lights. [if this is correct, there will be a small black disclosure triangle next to Floor Lights. when you click on it, Video will appear and disappear.]

Presuming all this is right, the way to extract your Video class from being subservient to the Floor Lights class is to click on Video in the Organization screen, then click on the "Edit..." button on the bottom of the screen. In the "Edit Class(es)" screen, click in the Name Data Pane.

Presumably it will say "Floor Lights-Video". The dash is what makes the Video class subservient to Floor Lights. Delete both the dash and the initial name "Floor Lights", click and click ok. In the Organization screen, you'll see that Video is no longer indented under Floor Lights. when you click ok again and return to the drawing, you should be able to turn off the Floor Lights class, and your video will remain independently in view.



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Hi Steve,

Thanks for that, I did double check but both the classes are non sub classes, I have some other sub classes set up in my project that are all working just fine.

I'm at a loss!


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The base shapes for the LED Video Wall extrude are likely in the "Floor Lights" class. Double click on the extrude, select the source objects and check their class in the Object Info Palette. If necessary change their class.

This unexpected behaviour in recent versions can cause a lot of havoc. For some reason the contained classes sometime don't change when the class of the extrude is changed. Its likely related to this preference dialog (see image) being set to No and the "Always do selected action" checkbox being activated.



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