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All Marionette Nodes

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Greetings All,

Marionette just got released here in NZ for service select members and I was going through documentation trying to find a list of all standard Nodes shipped with initial install. No luck so created my own.

I did this because I came to realise that each node operation can be examined through the script editor which is great for python novice's like myself.(Props to VW Dev's!). Making it easy for you to create your own custom nodes..but then the question came as to what nodes are already there? Which ones would I have to create(eg. wall/slab/roof info extractor[wall ht, wall comp area, roof area,etc]) and which ones I didn't need to create(eg Objs by Criteria, etc).

I had an idea to add input and output node types, but will have to get to that later on.

Hopefully that much awaited manual will be out soon. :)

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Just wrapped up the basic framework for the Marionette Node Reference on the dev wiki:


It includes all the info from the PDF as well as the rest of the node types. This is just a searchable description list for the time being to making hunting for nodes that might be useful a little easier. As we go forward I'll be adding more to it, explanations of the various node types, differences between the input nodes, descriptions of the more complex node input and output labels, etc.

This would have taken MUCH longer without the assistance and clever scripting of twk. Thank you again.

I hope readers find it useful!

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Thanks twk! May I share your file with others not on the Community Board? If yes, how shall I credit you?


Hi Neil,

I've updated the PDF attached here, (I couldn't edit the original post for some reason). This PDF includes the Texture Nodes, a disclaimer and also licensing for distribution as-is under the GNU 3.0 licensing.

Also Jim has transfered all of this to the Vectorworks Developers Wiki

Marionette_Node_Reference, where I believe the most up to date info for current and upcoming nodes will be.

I will most likely not be updating this PDF as the Dev Wiki would be the best place for that info.



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