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Josh Schulman

Slow Spotlight Plugins Slow

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I've noticed that the Spotlight plugins are much slower in 2016. For instance, using the Stagelift tool, the Lighting Instrument tool, the Stagesteps tool. Asking VW to generate the Instrument Summary. There is a lot of lag. Has anyone else noticed any of this?

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Certainly noticed the Inst Insertion tool is slow to load up. Definitely has something to do with the new pull-down symbol menu.

I wonder if there will be a way to customise what it goes in search of. I tried it without all the spotlight libraries and it was very quick. When I downloaded the libraries it became slow and jumpy.


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I've also experienced this on both Windows and MacOS with the all the listed, plus the accessory insertion tool. It's most problematic for me when using middle mouse button boomerang pan as I have to sit and wait for it to switch back to the insertion tool each time (and it's a good 5-6 sec). So if I have to pan 3-4 times it takes 20+ seconds to get across the drawing depending on my zoom level. I don't even use the symbol pull-down menu, is there a way to just disable it?

*edit - I imagine it probably goes faster on an SSD. Both machines I tested on are HDD.

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