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The Degree Symbol

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When using the property line tool, the segment should look like


North, 32 degrees, 23 minutes, 14 seconds, East.

If you have that set to display on the drawing, the d, m and s will display. You can ungroup the objects then edit the text object to replace the d, m and s with the correct symbols.

To place the degree symbol, you'll need to use the keyboard shortcut or you can copy it from the symbols palette in MS Word or something.

You should have a charachter map item in accessories if you are on a PC which will tell you the keyboard shortcut.

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It would be nice if the text would appear as one enters the coordinates. I have tried entering ?, ', " instead of d, m, s, but the text that gets placed on the drawing is always the letters. Its a hassled to then have to ungroup the text blocks and edit.

By the way the "?" symbol is created with option/shift/8 in Mac....

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