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  1. Katie, Hi this is Rob from the same office, I couldn't remeber my login. Anyway, you are not getting the point of what is happening. All layers and classes can be ON, information is still gone. We are using the door tool, also occurs with the room name tool. You put in all of the information for the door or the room (interior stuff) and go to the schedule, update, everything great - perfect. If you close the file, open file (like the next day) add a door or modify the area of a room (because room size changed) and then go to the schedule to see that it picked up the change, all door info and/or room info will be gone. If you then go back to the door (or room name) and select it so that you can see all of the info in the info palette, the info does not exist. It is not there. This has nothing to do with classes and is a pain in the butt. It is not a file problem as it is occuring on different jobs. It is not a user problem as it is occuring with different people. It is not a computer problem as it is occuring on different computers. We are using VWA 10.1.2 on Mac OS 10.2.6 We have been getting around this by doing these things last after all changes. Have been lucky that all projects have been relatively small with small number of door or rooms to redo. I myself have been using this software since MiniCad 3 and feel like we are doing nothing wrong. We may be doing something wrong, I just have no idea. We have a couple of large projects about to start with hundreds of doors and rooms and want to get this resolved before we start these. If we are doing something wrong, please help us! Thanks for all your help. Rob Glisson
  2. the schedule is on the screen. we want to add a door so we go do that. then we open up the worksheet--we see all of the doors that were already entered. when we go to update schedule, everything that was there goes away except for the door we just entered. it happens all the time and i guarantee if we open a file right now, go add a door, then try to update the worksheet everything will go away except for the oor we just entered. thanks jonathan
  3. they are on, the data actually is gone from the worksheet, the table is in the drawing, we double click on the table, then go to update table to get the new door in the schedule, then it go bye-bye jonathan
  4. On several occasions on several different machines running 10.1 on OSX we are loosing door information on all of our doors. It seems that when we close the file and then go and add a door, this is the point that we find out that the information is gone. We have checked many things and it is not user error because all three of us in the office have had it happen on three different occasions with three different projects. Has anyone had a similiar problem? I would love to hear there's a setting that we are missing that we all have checked or something, but I doubt it. Thanks Jonathan
  5. Is there an issue with Importing AutoCAD 2004 drawings--seems I get an error that VW 10.1 cannot read dwg file.
  6. Completed a set of drawings then went back to the first page and all of my Callout text items had changed from my notes to "Error in Callout Object". Where did they go? Jonathan
  7. How do I draw the symbol for degree? I am using the property tool and I can't get the site coordinates to display properly. I know in AutoCAD its the "^". thanks
  8. Thanks Katie-- I talked to you several times yesterday and I'm sure my case file says "Idiot cannot install 10.0.1." Thanks for you help and VW is shipping 10.0.1 CD to me today. I will try to install the upgrade again and just walk away from my machine. What is that saying about a watched pot? Maybe they were right. Thanks, Jonathan@ROJO
  9. Vectorworks said there may be a problem. We are running VW 10.0.1 on 5 machines with OS X 10.2.3 BUT....we installed VW 10.0.1 before we installed OS X 10.2.3. It is the order of installation that I think is causing the problem. I click on the VISE install for VW 10.0.1 and it sits there saying 60 files left to be installed. Eventually (I have waited up to 35 minutes) I force quit and go cry....
  10. Has anyone been ablle to do it? Install upgrade Vetorworks AFTER you upgraded MAC OS X 10.2.3. The techs at Vectorworks and I are curious. Thanks
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