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Subdivision shortcomings

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I have been working with the new subdivison feature enough now to get frustrated with its shortcomings. It seems as if the object type has not yet been entirely implementet in VectorWorks.

Here are a few important issues:

1. Selection handles – there are none. If I select a subdivision with the ordinary selection tool, there is little reason why it should not display standard selection handles – and allow basic adjustments to overall dimensions.

2. Ring selection – option click a cage line to select all nodes along the extensions of that line – boy is that a missing feature!

3. Reshape tool integration - even if it is really just an alias/shortcut to the 'Edit Subdivision' tool.

4. The blackness of a wireframe representation of a subdivision object is really overpowering. Could some of the wireframe lines be omitted or greyed down somehow?

Oops I see, that you answer before I an done editing, Jim. Sorry, I can't think in an organized manner, so I have to edit multible times :)

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I would NOT expect to see new features in a service pack, unfortunately we have not done that for quite some time for major changes.

For 2) could you send me a screenshot of what you see your subdivision cage as please? I am starting to think some users aren't seeing the same graphics that others are seeing.

Adding these to my megawish case for subdivision, along with mirror reshape mode etc.

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i have been playing with the Subdivision tool also. It is great for experimenting with shapes but challenging when you try to make anything that is specific in size. I great tool for making props and scean decorations but the tool is very arbitary when it comes to designing something that is exactly a size that needs to fit or have the ability to be revised to an exact size. I would appreciate more info on this tool and how to control the beast.

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