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This is just a suggestion - but could the tech people at nemetschek post a "bugs/known issues" section on its boards - that would save some of us some time trying to see if what we are experiencing is a bug that will be fixed, a bug in the OS, or if it is something that can be prevented on our side.

a section on "coflicting applications" would be helpful as well (something like - Real Player can cause some problems with VW 9.5.3 - or the fonts Tekton and Stencil cause VW 9.5.3 to crash in OS X).



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Yea, I thought of that when I put a "known issue" category into the Knowledgebase while at NNA, but I guess that no one there liked the system enough to ever use it.

I suppose I could add a user driven version at VectorWorker, but I really don't have much time to spend on VectorWorks issues these days.

If I see a bunch of feedback here in the positive direction I can go work somthing out.

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