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  1. well- i solved the problem... the printer is shared through another computer. all I did was place the missing font in the fonts folder in the library on that computer. now everything prints fine. strange thing is that other documents with the same font printed fine through that computer before I added the font to the library. -mgt
  2. The printer is substituting the text in text blocks- it doesn't matter which font is being used- it all comes out Geneva. In this case, the font on the drawing is Palatino. -mgt
  3. I believe this issue was addressed for previous versions of OS X - but I am running VW 10.1, Mac OS X.2.6 and all of a sudden yesterday, the system default font was substituting for the font on our drawings. the quick fix was for us to print to a PDF and from there print to our plotter (HP 455CA - gimpprint). This works fine- but it would be nice to print directly to the plotter. VW is the only application that does this - all other programs print properly. any suggestions? -mgt
  4. we've had the same problem- usually restarting the plotter works... i think it's a problem with gimp print. -mgt
  5. ah... Deleting parametric constraints select the object- in the menu bar Edit--->Edit Constraints delete the constraint...
  6. i'm hoping there is a simple command somewhere to turn this thing off, but... we have a curved wall on one of our drawings - and the radius is shown in red. This is fine with the exception that no one knows how the radius line got there, or how to turn it off. We can't select it, move it or edit it in any way. It isn't a huge issue because it doesn't show up when we print the sheet- but it is a bit annoying when one is trying to work on the drawing. does anyone know about this? -mgt
  7. let's say I have an image of a person I want to put on an elevation (presentation drawing)... usually I would export the elevation to photoshop and place the image of the person on a separate layer (as a cutout)- but if i want to do it the other way around - import the image of the person to VW - I will always have a rectangle with some white area around the image. Is there any way I can import a cutout of an image, or will images always import as rectangles? thanks- -mgt-
  8. i checked vectordepot, but no luck... i'm relatively new to writing scripts for VW, but i'll give it a try. [edit]whoops- i did find something... it works great with VW10 thanks again [/edit] thanks- -mgt- [ 06-08-2003, 04:25 PM: Message edited by: mgt ]
  9. maybe this is possible within the program already- but has anyone written a script for printing the file path on sheets? This is helpful when the number of sheets in a project gets up there (and helps with those who for some reason cannot follow server filing procedures). I know this is possible in AutoCAD... something like: Computer Name/Project Files/20-20/Building A/First Floor Plan etc... I'm thinking that this would be easier in OS X (you know, with unix and all...) (Mac OS 10.2.6, VW 10.1.2) -mgt-
  10. hi- Are there any conflicts with fonts such as tekton or stencil with VW 10.1? We were having trouble with VW 9.5.3, and would like to return to using tekton on our drawings. The version of tekton we have is a type 1 postscript font... I do not believe any fonts we had were MM fonts. (VW 10.1, Mac OS 10.2.6) thanks- -mgt
  11. My coworker asked this question: When one does a Command-3 (or view at 100%), why is it not the actual scale? He even put a ruler up to the screen to show me. Actually, I wonder if any graphic program can show actual scale on screen. I'm not sure how useful this could be, but I'm curious. (VW 10.1, Mac OS 10.2.5) -mgt
  12. hi- a quick question- how do I move walls without stretching others? i.e. if I want to move a wall that is joined to another, how do I make VW 10 behave in the same way as VW 9? I did a quick scan of the manual, but couldn't find any documentation of this change. We've been grouping the walls in order to remove them from others... the extra step is a bit annoying, I was wondering if there is a way around this. thanks- mgt
  13. This is just a suggestion - but could the tech people at nemetschek post a "bugs/known issues" section on its boards - that would save some of us some time trying to see if what we are experiencing is a bug that will be fixed, a bug in the OS, or if it is something that can be prevented on our side. a section on "coflicting applications" would be helpful as well (something like - Real Player can cause some problems with VW 9.5.3 - or the fonts Tekton and Stencil cause VW 9.5.3 to crash in OS X). thanks- -mgt
  14. I had posted a couple months ago on the same issue and it looks as if it still hasn't been resolved: http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=12;t=002357 I am still having problems with VW 9.5.3 (now running 10.2.4) - it crashes several times a day, usually when I try to copy and paste - either within a drawing or from one to another. I cannot work in two files at the same time - only one allows me to use any tools. I do not have any other programs running at the same time- I run disk utility regularly, deleted all conflicting fonts (mr. hand, tekton, stencil), etc... I have learned to live with saving every 2 minutes... -mgt
  15. Just an update to the vectorworks randomly crashing in Jaguar- everything seemed to work fine for a week- but today I started experiencing the same problems as before. I ran Disk Utility again - and things seem to work fine again. Has anyone else experienced similar problems using VectorWorks in Jaguar? How can privileges affect the program's performance? If I run Disk Utility, how do I know which privileges affect VectorWorks? -mgt
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