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Adding Label Legend key to a Title Block without the fixture being counted

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I am adding an example of a Label Legend to the Title Block of my Light Plot, but the fixture is being counted. Is there to do this and without the symbol being counted and transferred to Light Wright?

I am using VW2015 and Light Wright 5.

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Another tactic I've used for some years is to create the lighting device and label legend as you want it to appear, then when selected, invoke the "Convert to Group" command [Command-K on a mac]. Once converted, the entire arrangement is a group, and no longer a lighting device.



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You can use the instrument summary, with the only item being a label legend specified as your "typical" symbol. This also scales the symbol, allowing you to place it directly on a sheet layer.

Personally, I have a typical symbol that I converted to group and scaled to work on a sheet layer. I made this into a new symbol, which gets inserted with my "blue" title block symbol, along with notes, revisions, etc.


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