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atypical wall shapes


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Hi I am trying to to make atypical wall shapes, for an example an octagon facade.

I understand how to add a peak or fit a wall to roof, but can't figure this out. I know how to make a 3dpolygon, but it doesn't have the wall assembly information.

Thank you!


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Im not sure I understand what you are looking for.

You say you know about wall peaks. Do you know that you can put "peaks" on the bottom edges of walls also? It seems this would allow you to create a wall with an octagon shape in elevation.

Or are you looking for something different? Can you post an image?

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Relatively easy to do with Wall Peaks.

Draw a wall the length of the top. Select it and go to an elevation view.

Select the Reshape tool. Put it in the Add 3D Wall Peaks Mode (+ in the mode bar).

Click on the bottom left blue handle and then drag the new point that you added to the right the distance of the inset of the bottom of the wall and click to set the point.

Click again on the bottom left blue handle. Drag this point so it is vertical from the point you added previously and at the height of the inset portion of the wall.

Switch to the Reshape Walls 3D Mode (diagonal arrows on the mode bar).

Click and drag on the bottom left corner point and drag it up so you get the proper angle and "height" for the short part of the wall.

Repeat for the other side.

Or draw the wall the width of the center portion of the wall and then add the peaks to generate the wings.

Just depends on where you might have snap points to make it easier.

You might also want/need to use the G key to set Datum Points if you have a hard time getting snaps and extension lines where you want them.

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Dieter is right in the money. One additional note/tip: the wall above (let's call it a "clerestory inverted gable") will need to be drawn in it's own discreet Design Layer, and at it's maximum length. Then use Fit to Objects to shape it to the Roof Layer. It may be advisable for this wall (and and other clerestory walls) to be placed in their own discreet Class as well.

Oh, and one more thing: for seamless texturing, etc., make certain that the new wall is exactly aligned to the wall below

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