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3D Scan Input & Object Manipulation

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Hi all

I have a scan of a 3D object in .STL format

I can use Meshlab to create a .3DS or .DXF, both of which I can import into Vectorworks 2015

The question is how to then manipulate the resulting model which imports as an incredibly complex mesh or incredibly complex (33000+) tiny polygons

Is there any way to turn this object into something which is able to be manipulated with the standard 3D tools? (Deform, Fillet etc)

Thanks all


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As far as I am aware, no. If anyone DOES know of a method, I would personally be very interested in it as well.

Vectorworks has no good solution for dealing with complex meshes from any other source, there is work being done on this, especially since it is required in order to deal with point clouds and direct import of 3D scan STLs (exactly like you have) but I haven't seen anything from it yet.

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Stupid workaround?

Drape Surface to half way down the mesh, then rotate the mesh and Drape again, then align and combine the Drapes with Solid Addition?

Really not optimal.


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Rhino has a 'mesh into nurbs curve network' tool and a 'generate surfaces from curve network' command, that seems to do the trick:

Imagine the power...

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I've used Blender to do this in the past, mainly to reduce the amount of polygons and convert to NURBs surfaces.

Any of the aforementioned programs (Blender, Rhino, 3DSMax, Maya) handle scanned inputs much better than VW currently so I'd be starting there.

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