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Josh Schulman

Shell into Solid

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So I am making the hull of a ship and I know that VW isn't built to do this at all. What I've done is to make several cross sections or ribs out of Nurbs curves. Then I used the Loft Surface tool to make the sides. This all working like a charm. I now have a hollow "hull" but what I really need to do is fill it in. I need to fill it in so I can cut the profile of the ship out of the hull and not have it be hollow. I have tried using the Stitch and Trim Surfaces tool to on avail. There is not very good documentation on this tool. Any thoughts? I have attached the file as well.

Thank you!

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I have it a few tries this morning with no success, apologies, I will come back to this and give it another go in a bit.

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I would try extracting the curves along the top of the hull using the Extract tool, composing them using Modify>Compose and use Model>3D Powerpack>Create Surface from Curves to create a top. Then, if your hull has no holes you should be able to create a solid using Stitch and Trim....

Have modelled my fair share of boats I suspect the shape you have may not create a real solid (its the shape at the back that will cause issues). VW will only think its a solid which often occurs with complex shapes and Stitch and Trim....


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