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Black triangles on outdoor windows.

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Hi Scheven,

Not sure if you have this sorted already and Im not sure what the Dutch for splay is but in the English version if you double click on the window to bring up the window settings, under the "interior Wall Detail" and "Exterior Wall Detail" tabs there is a "Splay Wall" tick box. I think this is what CipesDesign is referring to.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Scheven,

I see that you're struggling with that window tool - what you see is not what is supposed to happen. I know that a SP is in the works to fix a couple of bugs with that tool, but at the same time I think that simply contacting our support to check if there are no other options to make this function as you'd expect might help a lot.



Or via the Service Select portal:


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Bara is right indeed: an intermediate update will be available for download in about two weeks.

His phrase "fix a couple of bugs" however should read "add over 60 bug fixes and tool enhancements".

The artefact you're seeing now is one of these forementioned fixes.

In order to constantly improve our tools, we partly rely on our users' positive feedback. "Piece of trash" and "rubbish" are not exactly the most usefull.

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