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2d and 3d on same layer

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Hello there

I was using the create layer link command before to combine my cartridge containing text with my 3d views. But now it seems that the command is no longer available.

How the ".." can i do the same thing now? When a create a layer view with both layer set to on, i cant see the 2d layer after the rendering.

It was simple before.

Please help.


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Are you looking at the objects within a viewport? There are options in the Object Info palette for display screen objects and project screen objects that you may need to change.

If you're doing work on a design layer, you will likely want to enable Unified View and then in Unified View options, make sure you have it displaying screen plane objects (2d Text) as well as not hiding layers with other scales.

This may help as well, if I understand your question correctly:


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Layer link has been replaced by Design Layer Viewports.

If you want layer link back, you can add it to your workspace with the workspace editor.

But once you try DLVPs, I don't think you'll want to use layer links any more.



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new workflow is via the Unified View command in the View Menu. Enable it and all visible layers conform to the view of the active layer. Also look in the Unified View Options - there are some choices regarding layers of different scale, etc.

The Layer Link command can be added back in to the workspace via the Workspace Editor.

Post back if this is not working.


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