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DXF/DWG Import Location Options



I noticed in VWX 2015 under the DXF/DWG Import Options dialog box there is another menu titled 'Location' that was not included with VWX 2014.

There are 4 different options to variously set the Internal Origin and User Origin.

Could someone please advise which would be the best setting to choose when exchanging DWG files back and forth with other consultants? The first file I will be importing is a Civil Survey file however I will need to send that back to the Civil Engineer and we need to maintain a consistent origin point.

One of the 4 options is indicated as the "Recommended" option but I am confused by the descriptions provided for each option and why in particular that option is "Recommended".

I think it might help if there was an indication of which option is the "traditional" import option as used in VWX 2014 and all earlier versions so if in doubt you could at least select that option.

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You can use the (first ?) recommended setting for your first import.

This will center the geometry over your drawing area, and moves

the User Origin accordingly.

You will see that the rulers show the real coordinates of the

geometry but you will retain max CAD precision.

When exported as DWG or DXF the geometry will sit again at its

correct position.

This is better in any case when your imported geometry is far from origin.

But don't do this for further imports.

In this case option 3 (?) is recommended, import relative to User Origin,

which had just been moved before.

I do import location manually :

(to have control where the working origin will be)

First open the import data in any blank file, search its position and

decide where you want the Origin to be. F.e. below left corner of the

construction grid.

Let the cursor snap that intersection, read and write the coordinates :

f.e. :

X=46768.00 units

Y= 5877.00 units

Open your working file and edit your User Origin to be :

X= negative 46768.00 units

Y= negative 5877.00 units

Import the data relative to your (moved) user origin.

The geometry will come in right on your drawing area but will keep

ist real world coordinates when exported again.

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