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  1. I wish Vectorworks could find a way to add the functionality of the Stake Tool to the Slab Tool to simplify the process of modeling complex slab geometries of varying slopes. This would be very helpful when modeling a whole bunch of things such as parking garage decks, grade level slabs that need to conform to varying finish grades and even low slope roofs. Ideally using this function would be just like creating a terrain model except after selecting your Stakes you select 'Create Slab' instead of 'Create Site Model'. It might first create an un-styled slab which you could later convert to any other predefined slab style. Currently the only work around method I've figured out to use is to create a terrain model to define the surface slopes (using triangulation display options) which I then need to trace as a 2d line over a section cut viewport and draw my slabs in as a 2d graphic only. I would think there would have to be a better way to do that. Seems like Vectorworks already has the functionality to do these separate tasks - and they just need to combine them. I am aware of the current slab modifier functions for setting drain locations, slopes, valleys etc however but is only useful when your slopes are uniform. There are so many other situations where the slopes or grades can only be properly defined through triangulation.
  2. something else I noticed is that when you go to Tools / Origin / User Origin... (or just Command+9) the default selection if you hit 'OK' is 'Set User Origin to next mouse click'. Unless you immediately select 'Cancel' wherever you happen to click next is you new User Origin location. I think that is an absolutely horrible arrangement for a default setting. Usually when I hit 'OK' at a window like this and have not changed any of the settings I assume no change to any of the settings. If someone were to inadvertently hit the Command+9 shortcut and didn't notice otherwise that can easily become a very costly mistake. If the 'Disable dragging for the User Origin button' is supposed to prevent that from happening it definitely does not work. I think this is the software equivalent of bad ergonomic design and Vectorworks should seriously re-think it. Hitting 'OK' at a selection like this should always maintain the current default whether origin set to Internal Origin or different User Origin. At the very least there should be a Confirmation prompt before allowing this change. Considering the impact this is not a change you would want to make on a whim.
  3. just experienced this problem for the first time with VWX 2017 SP5. Never experienced this problem before other than sometimes when Workgroup References get erroneously selected to 'Ignore source user origin'. This is occurring while Workgroup Referencing layers from a Shared Project base plan file into individual sheets and I confirmed none of the referenced files selected the 'Ignore source user origin' option. I have no idea how the origin shifted from internal origin on the referenced file but the problem is that fixing that on the referenced file does not automatically fix the issue on all the other drawing sheet files. I still need to go into all those other files and do the same. Vectorworks: once again I have no idea how this happened - whether "user error" or a bug but in any case even if due to user error there need to be significantly better safeguards to prevent a single miskey or typo from having such a significant impact on the organization and structure of a drawing set. Things like this need to be "bullet proof" and not at "mercy of a sneeze".
  4. Hi Lars, We are currently using MacOS 10.12.6 so if related to using OS 10.13.1 it's definitely not exclusive to that. I believe we've had the same undo problem using prior Mac OS versions as well.
  5. another workaround method I've tried is instead of just 'saving' my work I will periodically close the file and reopen it to make sure the backup is up to date and provide safeguard against any undo commands undoing past that point. Others in our office experiencing this problem noticed that the backup file does not always reflect the most recent saves. That is unless using project sharing where I would just need to 'save and commit' instead. Maybe it makes sense to just always use project sharing even if no one else needs to work on the file.
  6. hi peterhill, Yes it's incredibly maddening but even more maddening is losing everything I worked on since last opening the file. At least if it happens while working on file using project sharing (as far as I know) it will never undo past the last 'save and commit' operation. I may give the "immediate redo" method a try again but the last I remembered it just re-did one step forward which is the typical limit of the 'redo command'.
  7. It is very discouraging to hear this problem is still recurring. I was hoping at the very least an upgrade to VW2018 would resolve this once and for all. VW2018 has been installed on our workstations but most of us have not started using it yet. Sounds like maybe we should stick with VW2017. One thing I did when having frequent recurrences of this problem in VW2017 was to change the default shortcut for undo to the most complicated combination of keys possible so I wouldn't use that command by habit and inadvertently lose absolutely everything I worked on since last opening the file. In disabling the default shortcut it would force me to stop for a moment and ask myself "is it really worth the risk?" and consider just deleting what I worked on in the last few steps and repeating the work again. Anything to avoid initiating an undo command. I know that's an incredibly archaic method no one using any CAD software developed since the early 80's should have to resort to but it seems to have worked. Now I may need to change the "shortcut" combination to something even more difficult to remember as i've already memorized it and sometimes accidentally use the undo-command without stopping everything to conduct proper "cost-benefit analysis". Fortunately I've been lucky the last few times I used that command and it actually did what it was supposed to rather than wipe out every single thing I've worked on.
  8. Is there a way to manually prompt to work in 'Offline Mode' while currently connected to the network? I am having frequent crashing problems (using Vectorworks 2017 SP4) and I assume it is network related. Rather than disconnect from the network completely to force it to go into offline mode I am hoping there is an option to manually switch to offline mode. For other reasons I still want to stay connected to the network to access other file resources and so on. My current workaround is to check out the layers on the shared project file and close that file while working in a separate copy of that file (but as a non-linked regular vectorworks file) and then copy paste back into the shared project file when I open it again. That's not an ideal method but the only way to deal with the constant crashing and get any work done. Please advise if there is a manual prompt to 'work offline' mode without literally having to disconnect from the network. Thank you.
  9. I would also like the ability to lock a Section Viewport in place similar to the way other design layer viewports can be locked. Considering that Section Viewports need to be updated frequently when the plan updates it would be nice to have an extra level of security that when you click on it to update it or change layer / class settings you don't risk inadvertently moving it. This is especially important when using a section viewport on a design layer as a background for laying out 2D section line work. I currently put the 2D line work on a separate layer which helps reduce the chances of inadvertently moving the section viewport and would likely continue doing that regardless. In general I would like Vectorworks to provide better tools for displaying section viewports in 2D format such as a trace option where you can window an area of the viewport and generate 2D line work from it. I've heard Revit has a similar option.
  10. Anyone know if there been a fix to this problem? I am currently dealing with the same problem noted several years ago here. I was hoping to find the secret to avoiding the flipped Linear Material problem but not sure there is one. If anyone can advise or clarify how this tool is supposed to work I would appreciate it. I originally thought the problem was that I was moving the endpoints or vertexes with the 'Move:' selection set to 'Entire Object' instead of 'Vertex Only' but I've noticed that doesn't make a difference. Thank you.
  11. I wish a 3D Polygon could be used as path for the Extrude Along Path command. Converting to NURB is not convenient when you have to add a vertex. I would normally think a 3D Polygon would be one's first choice for a path object. In general I think the Extrude Along Patch command is in need of significant upgrades. It shouldn't have to require so much trial and error just to get a profile object in correct relation to it's path. Using this tool seems very hit or miss. When you think you have something figured out you get alerts about "invalid geometry" or whatever and your only options are to either delete everything or keep trying to figure out what the problem is. From the very limited description provided in the user guides you would think this would be an easy to use tool. Instead you have to figure out the hard way after exhausting lots of time there are plenty of constraints and invalid options to deal with. As a first step I hope Vectorworks can provide more clarity and help explain all the numerous limitations on the use of that tool.
  12. I definitely agree with rDesign's suggestion. I currently have to turn off the % slope labels and manually replace them with labels in inches / foot. Typically our roof slopes are always referenced in inches / foot and for us representing slopes by percentage is usually only used for sloped concrete surfaces or paved areas. It's important to be able to show in either format.
  13. I wish there was a separate means of controlling the decimal rounding for the slab elevation labels. It appears to be dependent on whatever the units setting was at the time it was created. We usually work with the decimal rounding set to the maximum number of places possible so when something is off due to a crooked line or whatever it is easily visible. Unless the units setting is temporarily set to not more than 2 decimal places the labels are not legible when close together. As far as I can tell the only workaround is to temporarily "dumb down" the rounding in the unit setting - make a temporary adjustment to drain layout - then re-set units setting back to original higher level of precision. I wish there was an easier way to do that. Same as there is a rounding option for the percentage of slope there should a rounding option for the elevation labels. Also it would be nice if the elevation labels were included for the ridge lines between 2 drains. An option for a dual Roof/Overflow drain sump would be nice to have also. Would be nice to have a custom size option for a simple rectangular sump. Please consider adding these options. Thank you.
  14. Just had a repeat of this problem. Lost about 2 to 3 hours of work. This needs to be fixed very very badly! Was hoping the recent upgrade to Service Pack 3 would fix it but apparently not. With software this buggy and unreliable which can lose hours of work in one step (even undoing past saves) it seriously makes me question why we continue to use it. The negatives seems to be surpassing the positives. Once again (Vectorworks) please fix this problem! This is not a productive method of working.
  15. We are also having this problem (or very similar problem) with VW 2017. Hitting the Undo shortcut key once wipes out all recent work - many steps back. Still trying to figure out if it is undoing everything back to the last save or all work during the current session but in some cases we suspect it actually undid work past the last save (reverting it to prior condition before save). In our office at least two of us have had the exact same problem. At first we both thought we were imagining it. It's an infuriating problem as usually no means of recovering the lost work - not even from the backup file.
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