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Resource browser woes

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The resource browser could use a cleanup.

I'd like to order it the way I want it, or at least have the main window like an OS browser so I can see the contents as folders. That way I don't have to scroll to the bottom for the thing I invariably need.

The attached picture shows what some of my most valuable hatches look like in preview. They are completely useless as previews. I need to be able to see the thumbnail to a scaling of my choice for this to work.

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For the preview aspect of the request, would this be a permanent setting, such as a scaling slider for the Hatches section of the resource browser that could be set at something like 125% and then left alone?

Or would be be smoother and more intuitive for simply scrolling the mouse in and out over a given hatch to scale the preview for that particular thumbnail up and down accordingly, keeping that setting until changed by the user?

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Not to hijack the thread, just adding on to resource browser redesign thoughts.

Would be great to have search box at the top to type in what you're looking for and have the list of items in the folder filter out according to your search string. If you have a look at C4d's way of filter items in it's object manager that's kind of what i'm getting at. At the ability to show or not show certain resources, eg show or hide hatch group, symbol group, texture group.etc

Not sure if I should open up another topic, but this search string function would be helpful in the navigation pallette as well, in the classes tab especially, and viewports tab.

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