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Vectorworks 2015


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So, I just downloaded 2015

Less than 10 minutes of using it for the first time, it freezes.

Now it won't even open - just sits there bouncing on the app bar.

All I tried to do was insert a title block, whats going on? Can it be because I still have 2013 & 2014 installed? Would uninstalling them help? Or should I revert back to 2014 and wait for more service packs?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

^ This.

Also, your older versions should not affect the new one, and it is indeed advisable to keep older versions around while adapting to a new one.

If wiping preferences does not fix the issue, send the following:


to tech@vectorworks.net and we can take a look. Almost all crashing on launch is machine-specific now and we can normally correct it without hardware upgrades as long as you are within the minimum system specs.

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