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If you go to Tools > Organization > Saved Views, edit the saved view and make sure it is NOT set to change the currently active layer.

Next to "Active Layer", make sure it is set to "Don't Save" so that your current active layer within the viewport isn't altered just by selecting another saved view.

This is enabled by default when you create a new saved view, but is not always desired or necessary.

This covers a few of the specifics with saved views:

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I still don't understand how I get the viewport to change the view from my #1 saved view to my #2 saved view? Jim, you say; "If you edit the crop of the viewport, then activate that saved view and exit the crop, it should then be the new view for that viewport." My problem is activating the other saved view. When I do that Vectorworks exist the viewport and goes to the saved view in the design layer.

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Yes. I will need to go to the other saved view and create a new viewport.

I was coaxing my brain to remember what I had done in the past, and then I remembered I was not trying to change a view, but rather recreate a deleted saved view from a viewport. That can be done by entering the viewport edit design layer and creating a new saved view while in the design layer editing mode.

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Thanks for the link Jim.

I was grumpy about the naming hierarchy when Viewports were first introduced, & as some suggested now that I've used it for some time now I would not go back.

Having said that, I thought that Saved View was a legacy tool & have not really used it in years other than opening old files.

This video helps explain that Saved View can be a helpful tool in working on complex drawings without cluttering up the file with Viewports that don't get printed...

.... but I still may do that too!


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