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Conservative blueprint font?

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I've followed all previous techboard leads regarding sourcing this style of font and Tektron Oblique Extended Light is the closest I've found, but it is still too "hand". The sample font is an Autocad font, don't know which, possibly CityBlueprint.

Must be Mac friendly...

Tips? Please?

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I'm on a Mac here and I use two fonts primarily. I recently switched to Helvetica Neue Thin for all title block text. I like it because it has an up to date look but is tried and true. It's hard to go wrong with Helvetica.

For all drawing labeling and dimensions, I use Graphite Light ATT. It looks good on a set of prints, but does not try to be "hand written".

Fonts are a very personal choice, so I'm not sure there's a correct answer. For what it's worth, I rarely use more than a couple of fonts in my drawings. I've seen prints with 4 or 5 different fonts, and I'm not a fan. To me, it makes the drawing seem cluttered. There's enough in the drawing already without letting my fonts add to the mess. That's just my opinion however.

Hope this helps.

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I use Graphite also.

When I want a more "serious" look another favourite of mine is Frutiger.

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I've switched to using Arial Narrow in all my outputs either reports or CAD:

it travels well,

if italicised the lean is just right

I usually use it bolded in CAD

and ... it's quite narrow, but still highly readable

oh and it's ubiquitous so if I forget to bind it it'll probably still get rendered correctly the other end

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