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Audit Function-Detect Corrupt Objects


I've noticed the presence of corrupt objects becoming an increased problem with Vectorworks 2014. It's always been an issue to some extent in earlier version but it really seems to be getting out of hand now.

So far I've noticed the only way to identify a corrupt object occurring in the file is when you select the 'zoom to extents' option instead of zooming to the extents of your drawing the drawing shrinks to the size of a thumbnail with a bounding box indicating some strange mystery objects on the periphery that can be very difficult to single out.

Since this seems to be happening all the time now my wish list request for Vectorworks is that it include an Audit Function to detect corrupted objects like these. It's a feature that could be organized similar to the Purge Function or even incorporated within it.

AutoCAD has had this option for at least 20 years I would guess (if not since it's inception). It's about time for Nemetschek to add it to Vectorworks. I have already wasted an unimaginable amount of time trying to filter out these corrupted objects. So far they are usually the result of PIO's such as the stair tool or wall tool end caps that have gone wrong.

I would suggest that an Audit Function have at least the following basic features:

1.) Identify which objects are corrupted and isolate them into a temporary selection group.

2.) Ask if you want Vectorworks to try to resolve the corrupted objects.

3.) [assuming option #2 fails] Prompt you to delete the objects and notify you you of the need to recreate them.

4.) Prompt you to send an error report to Nemetschek (not to Apple or Microsoft but specifically to Nemetschek).

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Definitely a +1 from me Brian.

I always have to modify old files when i fish them out of storage but with 2014 i get "Corrupt" notifications on recent files too.

Add an option to Edit the offensive object too(not the whole Symbol/object) if VW is incapable of correcting "Custom" objects with the indication of what is causing the complaint.

My favourite unhelpful dialogue:-

"You have attempted to create an object that cannot be computed."

Then offering to exit anyway or Edit to correct it without so much as a BYL as to what the offending object may be.

Took an hour and a half to find a thread that needed moving 0.001mm yesterday.

Not exactly the same corrupt issues, but all part of the same annoying "Does Nothing" to help, result.



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+1 for every time it happens.

I've posted on this before. An old program used to do such an audit whenever you opened a backup file.

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I would just like to second the suggestion. I'm getting really tired of the software crashing incessantly without any recourse to identify the offending objects. Now using state of the art hardware, there's really no excuse and its really irritating. At this juncture I would take stability over functionality.

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