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Metal Framing

Jim F

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I would like to know if this is possible with VWA

1.) I would like to create a hybrid symbol for a metal stud and have an associated record. The record would include details such as stud width, gauge, flange width, etc. I would like the parameters to be linked to the object. Change the width, in the record, and the stud is shown on the plan with that width.

2.) I would then like to create a worksheet giving me a list of all the framing materials including stud type and length.


20 pcs 600S137-54 - 20'0"

300 pcs 362S125-30 - 10'0"

Is this possible?


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Yes, it can be done and what you require is defined as a plug-in object. All objects such as doors, windows, etc., are plug-ins that are programmed to change based on the user input in the object info palette (OIP). The parameters in the OIP are actually fields of the record attached to the object.

However, to create the object you would need to program it with a script. A stud should be fairly simple to program because the geometry is not as complex as other objects.

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Guest Wes Gardner

Hi All,

Here's what I understand...the Wall Framer creates extrudes whereas both the Floor Framer and Roof Framer create Framing Member objects. I believe we'll need to see a shift to getting the wall framer to create those same Framing Member objects. This will let us define the profile of the member (wood, steel stud, whatever). This has been Wish Listed. Thanks everyone for pointing this out.


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I have tried the framing member tool and have had some success.

The tool place the member parallel to the working plane. (IE it places a joist). I want the joist to be placed vertically so it will represent a stud. I am assuming it has to do with the working plane. Is there an easy way to correct this?

Like I said I think the framing member tool will do what I need. Next question is if I use the tool will I be able to create a worksheet showing the following?

Wall Studs

30 pcs 600S125-30 - 12'0"

150 pcs 362S125-30 - 8'0"

Wall Track

10 pcs 600T125-30 - 10'0"

10 pcs 362T125-30 - 10'0"


3 pcs 600T125-30 - 10'0"

6 pcs 600S137-43 - 8'0"

The fields on the worksheet would be:

1.) Quantity of each unique framing member

2.) Unit = pcs

3.) Label text (contains stud designation)

4.) Framing member length

I would like to group the items by Structural Use.

Wall Track

Wall Studs


Jamb studs

Is this possible?

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The framing member tool does not work as a stud.

As far as I know there is no VW tool that can do studs.

It can be done... your options are

Easy & free.

Create a symbol for each stud type.

Attach a record to the geometry in the symbol and use the worksheet to find it.

Easy & Expensive

Pay some one to develop (script) the custom Plug In Object stud tool for you.

Hard & Expensive (expensive as it will probably take you 100 hours to learn)

Learn how to program vectorworks and write the plug in your self.

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I understand that the framing member tool doesn't directly support studs but it does indirectly. I can accomplish everything I need other than rotating the "studs" to the angle I need. There technically isn't a difference between a joist and a stud other than the joist is created in a horizontal plane and need the stud in a vertical plane. Is there a simple way to rotate the hybrid object?

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Thanks for you suggestions.

I would like to present Vectorworks with 2 options.

1.) Give us the vectorscript code for the framing member tool so we can make a copy and modify it. Easier than reinventing the wheel.

2.) Change the framing member tool to allow rotation of the object. Assuming this would take a minimal amount of effort and would give the tool additional functionality.

Vectorworks, let me know if I'm wrong in my thinking.


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