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Can anyone section this??


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Hi there What I need if you are looking in plan view I ideally wanted to section each of the "hill areas" contoured red. These need exporting as a series of section view ports along each of the grid lines on both x and y axis.

Basically you will notice I have chopped the hills into 500x500 square blocks with a 10mm gap and I need a section line down the middle of each 10mm gap X and y axis for each of the hill areas.

I hope this makes it clear its alot of work I know but since I cant section it once I'm pretty stuck :(

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I think the process is not as simple as cutting sections unfortunately. Each of the red contours is a NURBS curve so there's isn't currently any volume to section. It may be possible to make each block into a 3D volume using a combination of extruding and lofting but it will take a while and is not without its challenges.

Is it going to end up as a series of stepped layers or a smooth carved surface?

It may be easier to detail each block turned on its side, using the existing contours as your sections instead.

Or there may be a way to turn each block into a small DTM model. Someone else would need to advise you on that.

Good luck.


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Im thinking along the same lines as Kevin for this. Completely separate from the issue itself, which even if it was working looks like it would take up to an hour to do each section, I don't think the results are going to be what you are looking to end up with.

My machine is currently crunching away at creating a section from one of these hills, (no crash but its making a fuss.) Ill let you know the verdict either way however.

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BTW contours to solids workflow is

import to dtm

drape surface

draw a nurbs square and project to drape surface.

Its the cairngorms in case ur interested


I had found this before but completely forgot. At the very least ill make a kbase article explaining that workflow.

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I think it could be way easier and no big CPU over head by using the Create Contours tool from the 3d Tool Set. Drill down through all the Solid Subtractions and Additions until you get to the Generic Solid object for each of the hills. Maybe even put them in a new drawing to do this work.

Select the solid, then invoke the Create Contours tool. In the pref box set the spacing as desired. I think you want 500 plus 5 on each side of each block = 510.

In Top/Plan, place a 2d locus as a starting offset point if needed (say from lower left -5x,-5y?). Run the tool twice from that point. Once in X direction, and again in Y direction. This will produce two groups of NURBS curves. Each NURBS is one of your required section profiles. In a side view, the NURBS can be converted to a 2d poly.

In the example (v2012), the Generic Solid is selected. The section contours are green. I only did the X direction, and did not establish a starting offset point.



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