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stretch window/door

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Hi, newbie question.

How do we stretch windows/doors once placed on the plan, I have tried everything i can think of, the only way I've been able to alter the width or stretch is to change the size in the object info box.

There must be another way!

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I have to admit I felt a bit dumb asking this question at first, thinking I must be missing something!

Surely there must be a way to stretch basic parametric objects!

I am very new to VW, and finding some things to be quite different, which I fully expected, and hoped for, after all why make the switch for more of the same.

But from what I have seen in youtube vids and VSS tutorials there is a lot to like about VW, I have used 2 other 3d cad programs and both have their short comings and things I didnt like, I have found on every user forum there are with gripes with the program they are using.

There is a current thread on the Chief Architect forum about the inferior 2d cad tools that is up to 579 posts! (This helped make the descision to move to VW).


I have been trying to make a surface mounted sliding door, can someone please tell me how this is possible?

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