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  1. Can someone please tell me how to change the roof pivot point to the structural part of walls. Example: When I draw walls with a cavity & brick veneer then make a roof the pivot point is at the outside of the brick veneer and not the framing.
  2. Thanks Jonathan, but no. Making a custom title block is stupidly easy in other cad programs, why is it so stupidly difficult in VW! You have even stated in this vid that making the text is really painful.
  3. I have tried to make a custom title block with help from this tutorial vid. But at around 5.45 open the standard title block file from the VW program file, drop the new custom title block onto the page with rest then save it back into the standard title block file location, but the program will not allow me to save over the original! Can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong!
  4. That works! That is exactly what I am trying to do, thanks!
  5. Thanks Taoist So what is the best way to, draw out an existing floor plan to dimensions, and lay out new walls? The best I can come up with is to draw rectangles, dimension them and drag the walls to the rectangle. The rectangles will be on their own class.
  6. I am drawing an addition and need to draw the existing floor plan. The exterior dimension tool could be so useful! but so far I have found it to be really useless! The walls are brick veneer, and it will only dimension to the outside of the veneer or inside the cavity, both of which are a bit dumb really! I have tried to draw with just framing walls and then replace with brick veneer, but they just move to the outside of the veneer or in the cavity. Also it will dimension to the "T" junctions but these are not associative. Can someone please tell me I am missing a trick here.
  7. Get Vectorworks Essentials by J Pickup,the movies are linked from the pdf files, well worth the cash.
  8. I do not consider Vectorworks to be the budget option, we pay $6000 inc gst here in NZ for Architect + Renderworks. There are plenty of designers & architects here in that NZ use VW so I know it should be up to the job. I am also very aware that there are complaints on every CAD programs forum, inc Archicad & Revit about their own apps. I suppose I did dive in a bit quick, I could have done more research, but I have seen plenty of extremely good quality plan sets produced with VW, so I know it is a very good app, I am just finding the learning side of it a bit frustrating. A bit surprising that things that I took for granted such as stretching windows & doors to size cant be done. I can learn to live with that, but the crashing & freezing! That shouldn't happen! Vincent I did not mean compare VW with Archicad or Chief Architect! I was merely stating that I had used them both before! I also dont believe that VW is a "jack of all trades" I have bought Vectorworks Architect! Certainly sounds like a dedicated app!
  9. Thanks Benson, I am venting a bit, from frustration, I do appreciate any help, and I will carry on, I can certainly see some good points about it.
  10. Thanks Bob, where is the spline tool?
  11. After reading so many posts here from experienced users expressing disappointment in the product, I need to add my thoughts as a new user. (2013/2014) I'm a new user of VW I have been struggling to learn it, its not as intuitive as I was expecting it to be, but i can cope with that. But, i cannot believe the windows & doors cannot be re-sized on the fly by stretching them! Basics! The program crashes constantly! CLUNKY is a word I have now seen quite a lot to describe it, and I can now see why! No Spline Tool! I had used Archicad & Autocad in the past, unfortunately Archicad is too pricey, so I bought Chief Architect. I know people scoff at CA, but the scoffers should download the trial, and take it for a drive, if you are used to using VW you will be amazed at how good CA is at 3d para-metrics compared to VW. Unfortunately CA is lacking in 2d tools and documentation tools which I found limiting, and left wanting an all singing dancing app and was led to believe that VW would fit the bill! I am feeling regret at buying VW now. However I will have to persevere with it for the foreseeable future, but at this stage I find it disappointing and frustrating, maybe it will get better, or maybe I will just get used to it.
  12. I have to admit I felt a bit dumb asking this question at first, thinking I must be missing something! Surely there must be a way to stretch basic parametric objects! I am very new to VW, and finding some things to be quite different, which I fully expected, and hoped for, after all why make the switch for more of the same. But from what I have seen in youtube vids and VSS tutorials there is a lot to like about VW, I have used 2 other 3d cad programs and both have their short comings and things I didnt like, I have found on every user forum there are with gripes with the program they are using. There is a current thread on the Chief Architect forum about the inferior 2d cad tools that is up to 579 posts! (This helped make the descision to move to VW). Ps I have been trying to make a surface mounted sliding door, can someone please tell me how this is possible?
  13. Hi, newbie question. How do we stretch windows/doors once placed on the plan, I have tried everything i can think of, the only way I've been able to alter the width or stretch is to change the size in the object info box. There must be another way!
  14. I'm on PC at the moment, and yes I am in NZ (Ozcad). I am very new to VW, no idea it varies so much from country to country. I have used Chief Architect mainly and Archicad a bit, VW seems very different from those. I am hoping to have a session with Mr Pickup soon.
  15. Thank you for your help Mar. Funny though, 52 views before anybody knew
  16. I'm having problems setting defaults for the detailer tool, how can I change from 100x50 framing to 90x45 and keep it?
  17. Thanks Is there any whispers of a 64bit coming soon?
  18. Thanks, but my pack arrived this morning with only PC. This is from Megabits here in NZ. There also is only 32bit disc, is there no 64bit support with VW?
  19. Hi there, I am going to be a new user very soon. I have ordered Vectorworks Architect with Renderworks. It has been shipped and I'm looking forward to taking it for a spin. I have been using other CAD programs for some years so hopefully VW should'nt be too tricky to learn, most say it is very intuitive and quick and easy to learn. I do have one question I'm sure somebody can answer. Does VW ship with discs for both mac & PC? Thanks in advance.
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