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So I have a fairly traditional residential design for a 4k sf house. At the front facade there are two gable ends that frame the entry. The bearing height is at 15' with a 12:12 pitch and I'd like to put a window in the gable end, which would be the attic.

How do I do this? I tried putting it in on the roof design layer, but it tries to add a dormer, which I don't want. Do I need to create a "attic" floor layer and insert the window there? If so do I need to create new walls at the attic level and then fit to roof?

Thanks in advance everyone! Hopefully soon I'll be answering questions instead of always asking them. :-\



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If you have a gable end wall you can insert a window into it. If the Wall is part of a Roof Object, try Ungrouping the Roof (you will lose parametric control) into its parts: Roof Faces and Walls, and sometimes other objects (fascia, barge, soffit, if you have created these).

Or, you can Uncheck Create Gable Walls in Roof Object (OIP), then create your own wall(s) up there...

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Thanks, guys. After I typed out the question and thought about it, I actually do need an attic plan for mechanical equipment anyway, so I went back and chopped all the first floor walls down to their layer wall height, added in a design layer for the attic, traced the walls, fit to roof and voila! The roof for this house is a small to medium sized nightmare already, so this actually solved a couple of problems I was having.

Thanks again for all the quick and helpful responses!!



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