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Replace symbol - keep data

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This is a script that mimics the behavior of Spotlight's "Replace With Active Instrument" button in the OIP of a Spotlight Instrument, but works on any symbol with attached data.

It replaces the selected symbol in the drawing with the active symbol in the RB


keeps all the data of records attached to the symbols (should work for multiple record formats)


the name of the field starts with a tilde "~". Fields starting with ~ will use the default data of the incoming symbol.

I'll attach a file so it's clear how it works.

Pick a symbol in the drawing and use the "replace" button on the OIP to replace it with a different symbol. Recalculate the worksheet. All the data goes to the default data of the incoming symbol. i.e. you need to reinter the room, plate #, engraving, etc.

Select a different symbol in the drawing. Make another symbol active in the RB. Run the script. Recalculate the worksheet.

The data in the red cells is always the default data of the incoming symbol. The rest of the data uses the values from the outgoing symbol.



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