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Red-White Border around

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My site plan has a red-white border around it (see atch) and I cannot make it disappear. It resembles the "update viewport" graphic but when I update viewports, it doesn't disappear.

Can anyone share a fix?

Mac Intel Core i7

OSX 10.8.2


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Did you try to update the site model? Select the site model and in the Object Info Palette, click the Update button.


Edited by Benson Shaw

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Another idea - could there be 2 viewports, stacked. The one behind might be out of date. The objects showing in your view are not contained in the barber pole rectangle. Annotation layer items would normally be inside the barber pole.

Try to select and update via the Object Info Palette (OIP) again.


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I tried to isolate the element in the red-white border so I could identify the problem element. I deleted all viewports and the red-white border still exists.

Could this be a problem with the terrain model?

how can I trouble-shoot the terrain model to identify the problem element?

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Eric - I think you have a ViewPort assigned to an invisible or gray class, and a Class Options setting which is other than Show Snap Modify.

For most work flows in Vectorworks, Class Options are set to Show Snap Modify, the None Class is set to visible, and all SLVPs are assigned to the None Class.

First look in View>Class Options and choose Show Snap Modify. If that gives access to the VP, select it and change its class to None.

If that didn't fix it, here is a super cautious, non destructive fix:

Save & close your drawing file and make a duplicate of it. Work with the copy for this first part. Open the copy drawing and navigate to the problem sheet layer.

1. Look in Menu>View>Class Options and choose Show Snap Modify Others.

2. Open the Class tab in the Navigation Palette or in the Organization Palette.

3. Option Click in the Visible column of any class, doesn't matter which - this will make all classes visible.

Now you should see any content in the problem VP and be able to select the VP. Once selected, note its class designation in the OIP Class field.

Remember that class name, open the original drawing, make that class visible (at least temporarily) via the Navigation or Organization palette . Also, change the Class Options to Show Snap Modify. Now you can select the VP and reassign its class if desired.

If successful, close and delete the duplicate file, and, if desired, return the visibility of that class (the one the VP used to be in) to its previous setting.

Some other things to try if the above is not effective:

Close/Restart Vectorworks.

Power down and restart your computer.

OK, post back with results!


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In Vw 2013 Sheet Layer Viewports are automatically put in the None Class. This change should prevent SLVPs disappearing or becoming greyed because users have inadvertently created them in a Class which they later make invisible or grey.

Users still need to be diligent though with Design Layer Viewports because these still get assigned to the Class that was the Class active when they were created. This means that it is still possible for users to make DLVPs which disappear or become greyed because their 'container Class' is made invisible or is greyed.

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Benson and mike,

you were both right. when i created the viewport it created the viewport on a class that I later made invisible (turned off).

after you explained the problem, i activated the class and realized it was an old reference file i no longer needed. i purged it.

i'll remember to check the class in the OIP next time so I can manually place all viewports in a specific and same class.

is there a way to set viewports to a predefined class in my template file so i don't have to manually select a class?

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