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  1. Peter and Vincent. Thanks for the suggestions. I tried to update viewports during other operations and the program still quits unexpectedly. I checked the option to retain viewport cache, but it still quiets. I'll submit this to tech support so they can identify the problems with my model.
  2. It takes a long time (10-15 min) to print sheets (pdf) w/ elevation/section and the models disappear when I open the file. Every time i reopen a working file, the sheet layer viewports show the red/white border around all viewports and I only see the annotations (no model info). [see atch image] I can update the viewports, but it takes a long time. I encounter the same problem when printing. How can I expedite these commands? This occurs with elevation and section viewports. Plan viewports print instantly. print resolution = 300. I tried 150 with similar results. I checked "Display Objects Beyond View Plane" and "Display Planar Objects" for each elevation/section viewport. I tried the "Save As pdf" and "Open PDF in Preview" options with similar results. VW quits unexpectedly 9/10 times. All viewports link to the 3D model. Is this normal behavior? What settings must I revise to see viewport content and print to pdf in a reasonable time?
  3. michaelk, i figured it out. i dragged the "sum" button to the Width and Height columns. Now it correctly shows a single width instead of a collective width. hopefully, this will help others who experience the same problem.
  4. Benson and mike, you were both right. when i created the viewport it created the viewport on a class that I later made invisible (turned off). after you explained the problem, i activated the class and realized it was an old reference file i no longer needed. i purged it. i'll remember to check the class in the OIP next time so I can manually place all viewports in a specific and same class. is there a way to set viewports to a predefined class in my template file so i don't have to manually select a class?
  5. michaelk, yes, that was the problem. I tried to enter the command directly into the cell when I needed to use the database header row. I noticed another problem. I read about it previously in a thread, but couldn't find it this time. The door schedule has a quantity column. If it shows more than 1 item, the width or height column multiples the door width by the quantity. I used the "/C4" operand at the end of the equation so the Width column now reads "=((Door.Width)/C4)" (see attached) I thought that would divide the width by the quantity and correctly display the width for a single window. What is the right syntax to get the correct width?
  6. Wes, of course you know this already, but that worked like I wanted. thanks for the "Display Planar Objects" tip. I realize what I did wrong the first time. I checked "Display Planar Objects" and neglected to click the "Update Viewport" button.
  7. michaelk, thank you for sharing the criteria and sample. i mistakenly pasted the criteria into one of the columns. if i paste this criteria in the "ID" "No." or "Qty" column, I get the code instead of the result (see image) I reviewed your worksheet and noticed you didn't have to paste the criteria in a cell to get the result i want. how do i apply the criteria to the worksheet without pasting it into a cell?
  8. i have a phased project with an apartment and main home. i need separate window schedules for each. I used the window schedule resource available via the Tools>Reports>VA Create Schedule>Window Schedule Summarized command. i created and formatted the schedule. some windows are the same type in the apartment and main home. i classified the windows as "A-GLAZ-APT" in the apartment and "A-GLAZ-HOME" in the main home. i tried adding the "class" criteria, but receive syntax errors how do I filter one schedule to display the main home windows only and filter another schedule for the apartment windows only?
  9. I haven't resolved the issue for a 3D surface hatch. i applied a hatch to 3d surfaces using the Extract tool in the 3D tool set. I applied a cross hatch and rendered in hidden line (see image). I can see the hatch in model view. I created an orthogonal section viewport of the same model and rendered the viewport in hidden line. I cannot see the hatch in this view. i confirmed the extracted surface is on an active class in both views. What setting do I need to modify to see a hatch in the orthogonal viewport?
  10. I know this is a new user question and thank you for explaining. Your solution worked. Was that a default setting that I unchecked at one point?
  11. I created an exterior section (elevation) viewport from the floor plan sheet layer. the live viewport is properly referenced. when I update the viewport, it looks like this (2013-06-10_VPUpdate): on the sheet layer. when I try to edit the annotation so I can add notes and plate/ridge lines to my elevations, it looks like this (2013-06-10_VPAnno.png): in the annotation mode. what setting must I change to maintain the updated viewport view so I can add my annotations?
  12. WR-Studio

    Solar Study

    Peter, Yes, the result was no different than Open GL. However, I decided to purge the original heliodon & add another one. I'm sure there's a rational explanation, but now I CAN see Open GL shadows. (see image) Do you know why replacing the heliodon solved my problem? Do we have to place the heliodon after creating the model? Do we have to place the heliodon after selecting "show shadows" in Open GL render options? I want to avoid the error in the future. Now I know if I see solar models in total shade to replace the heliodon to see if it works.
  13. WR-Studio

    Solar Study

    I'm using VW2013 w/Renderworks. a picture is worth a thousand words: The attached images shows a 3D site model with a mass model and image props (trees) on it so I can review a GL shadow solar study. The images shows my heliodon and my OIP (Object Info Palette). I have View>Rendering>GL Options> show Shadows checked yet I cannot get shadows. What do I need to try next? Do you have to model the site a specific way to create shadows?
  14. I selected stylized exterior and interior walls in the default vectorworks library and created my model. When I use the flyover tool and render in GL mode, i see blank white walls. When I render in Fast Renderworks mode, I see textures. Is it possible to see the textures or a hatch in GL mode? Is it possible to apply a hatch to 3D surfaces? For example, can my exterior walls have a brick texture and a brick hatch so I can see the hatch in hidden line or GL mode and see the texture in GL or fast renderworks mode? iMac i7 VW2013
  15. I tried to isolate the element in the red-white border so I could identify the problem element. I deleted all viewports and the red-white border still exists. Could this be a problem with the terrain model? how can I trouble-shoot the terrain model to identify the problem element?
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