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Viewing open drawings


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When I have multiple drawings open in VW I can go to "Window" in the menu bar and see the list of all of the drawings I have open. Usually, I can just highlight the drawing I want to view, and it comes to the front of my screen.....BUT something has happened (I imagine I changed a setting inadvertently) recently and the only way I can actually see all of the drawings I have open is to minimize, or select tile or cascade which is a royal pain! When the drawings are minimized, you can't even read the file names, so that option is pretty much useless other than telling me I have "X" number or drawings open. Please help, I need to get this fixed, it is driving me CRAZY! Thank you.

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With some previous versions I had a similar problem, apparently having too many fonts installed on your computer may be one of the possible causes for this to happen.

The suggestion from the helpdesk was to reduce the number of installed fonts to 200 maximum. Either by manually deinstalling or by using a font manager to temporarily disable/deactivate fonts.

It looks like Vectorworks 2012 is a bit more lenient with the number of installed/activated fonts but it is probably best to keep it under 250 if possible.

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Perhaps some additional fonts got installed causing the number of fonts to go over Vectorworks' "treshold". (E.g. after installing an update or new software that also installs fonts).

Perhaps you could try to reduce the number of active fonts and see if that helps.

Some other things that I have noticed to cause display issues at times (though not always):

- adding a very large image. On 64-bit no problems, on 32-bit problems with display or switching between documents.

- adding quite a few polygons with lots of points/nodes (e.g. after importing a dwg file containing such polygons)

- quicktime update, solution is to revert to previous installed version of quicktime.

Does your problem happen with any random set of drawings or only if certain drawings are open?

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The same issue for 2012 happened in earlier versions too, I had the fonts issue happen in as "early" as VW2009, so it may apply to you as well.

Did you try reducing/deactivating fonts in your fonts folder yet? Or check on one of the other possibilities?

If yes and it did not solve your issue you may want to file a support request.

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Try using a font manager, that way you can temporarily disable fonts, group them in sets for specific uses etc. without having to uninstall/delete them. Then you can de-activate the rarely used fonts to bring the number of active fonts down to a level where VW will work normal again for viewing open drawings.

Font managers that are for both Mac and Windows are e.g.

(Linotype)FontExplorer: http://www.fontexplorerx.com/

Suitcase Fusion: http://www.extensis.com/suitcase-fusion-4/

FontAgent: http://www.insidersoftware.com/products.php

The above three also have automatic activation of de-activated fonts if they are used in e.g. Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop documents you are opening. There are somedifferences in how they operate and the options they have but the basics are the same.

For windows only:

FontExpert: http://www.proximasoftware.com/fontexpert

Or do a Google search for font manager to find others incl. some free ones.

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Since the boss deals with the computer's here & I was able to convince him it is worth trying - for my sanity - we ended up using the font manager "Printer's Apprentice". I had over 550 fonts on my computer, using Printer's Apprentice, we uninstalled (and created a folder for the uninstalled fonts so they weren't deleted) around 332 fonts to get me below 250 - restarted my computer, opened VW, an wha la - IT WORKED!

Thanks everyone!

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