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Revision Annotation



Time for an upgrade of revision data graphics and functionality!

Placement of a revision cloud should automatically result in the creation of:

1. Revision marker which can be customized to Local Building standards

2. Revision block including the correct data related to the revision cloud.

3. Revision number or letter sequence connected to the revision marker and Title block

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We use the VAA title block, which has okay revision control. But as the data is inside the title block object, any cut and paste of title block is also cut and paste.

Revisions are related to when a Sheet Layer is issued / distributed.

Thus I think there should be a hidden record attached to a sheet layer. When you create a new sheet layer, it has not been issued so should begin blank.

A user should be able to create a revision to a layer. This would prompt a placement of a Rev ID and/or Rev Cloud.

VectorScript should have a function to receive the revision information.

Batch output should create the file name as

[sheet Number]-SheetName-Rev

There should be an 'ISSUE' PIO.

The PIO interface should be a simple list dialog with all Sheets available to issue with a boolean check box.

To do an issue should be a simple process of selecting which drawings are to be issued.

On execution the PIO will have access to a box.com or dropbox account. VW will output a PDF with a record of what drawings are being issued, to the folder.

Ideally an Issue object data is stored in the cloud. It will allow multiple VW files to be associated with the Issue data. When a drawings gets revised it will check to see if the file that created it was the same.

The Issue PIO should be able to present in multiple ways.

1) The full list of all Sheets, and all Issues showing the Revision of each Sheet for all given Issue.

2) A SINGLE issue, with a short list of only the Sheets and their revision.

3) A list of Sheet, showing which issues it has been included in

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