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hatch attribute mapping bug

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Sure it is not a rotated rectangle as far as I know there is / has been a bug with rotated rectangles not holding rotated mapped hatches in Sheet Layer Viewports

Ozzie, you cracked it!

Converted it from a rotated rectangle to a polygon and that fixed it instantly. Sorry for misleading you fine folks that it was a polygon.

I'll file a bugsubmit for mapped hatches on rotated rectangle in SLVPs...

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No I did not crack it, just found it awhile ago and someone else bug listed it

As for

like trying to plait fog?

Or push butter up hill with a red hot needle

The tool works but you must be very careful with it

For landscape design when you have lots of houses with three or four bits of paving to each and several houses are angled this way and others that it would be good if you could select all hatches you wished to and rotate at once to the desired angle

You though would still need to go back and set the starting point for each hatch

I usually rotate them in a rotated view because that gives me the angle of rotation from square - I can select the hatch and grab the tool then TAB in that angle and voila all square when it works maybe 80% - 90% of the time

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